Spring Grove Mutual Insurance Agents

Laura ShellLaura Shell

Laura Shell has been with Spring Grove Mutual since 1999. She wears many hats from Agent to Director to Office Manager. But what is consistent is her dedication to meeting the needs of the insured and staying on top of the ever-changing insurance world by continuing her education through regular attendance of insurance seminars and conferences. First-time insurance shoppers will love her approach and appreciate her ability to effectively convey a sometimes difficult topic. Born and raised in Green County, she's been a resident of Brodhead for 22 years where she raised her three children.
James BeutelJames Beutel

Jim Beutel has been on the Spring Grove Board of Directors since 1983. A life-long farmer, Jim and his wife, Joann, moved to the Brodhead area in 1974. He enjoys insuring his farming (and non-farming!) neighbors in our community and understands their unique insurance needs. Being a trusted agent for over 25 years makes Jim an important fixture at Spring Grove Mutual.
Jerry LeeJerry Lee

Jerry Lee, lifelong resident of Brodhead, has been on the Spring Grove Board of Directors since 1973. Along with her husband, Davey, they have farmed in the community since 1960. She's operated an income tax business for over 40 years and has an innate understanding of the needs of farmers for both their tax and insurance questions.