Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Spring Grove Mutual Insurance offer coverage throughout Wisconsin?
  • I heard you only insure farms? Is that true?
  • Does Spring Grove Mutual offer automobile insurance?
  • Why should I have a personal property inventory?
  • I need to make some changes to my policy. Who do I contact?
  • Does Spring Grove Mutual offer umbrella coverage?
  • How do I know if my home or property has the proper coverage?
  • I'm installing a wood burner, will this be a problem with the insurance company?
  • What is a town mutual insurance company?
  • How are town mutuals different from other insurance companies?
  • What is WAMIC and how is it connected to Spring Grove?
  • I've heard that town mutual policies are "assessable" and that's risky for policyholders. What does this mean for me and should I worry?